State of Transition

This work is about the complexities and contradictions that surround the city of Lisbon, Portugal. I began this series by walking the streets of Lisbon during my artist residency at Hangar. I was just looking and photographing whatever caught my eye - the colors, the textures, the people. While learning about the city, I discovered it was in a constant state of transition, from its medieval past to its present state as a vibrant modern city that is becoming overrun by tourists. By looking at the images I captured, I could see signs of this transformation in a variety of ways including old textures, peeling paint, electrical wires, new construction, and graffiti.  

Aesthetically, I look for geometry and color combinations in my compositions. Figures become elements in the design. They are often isolated in their surroundings. I am presenting these images as diptychs to further emphasize the contrast and transition.  By juxtaposing two images which often contain flat and perceived perspective, I wish to create a dialogue between the pairs that creates a new meaning for the viewer to interpret.